Gogo is a combination of good design, quality code and attention for details.

We used same design language for components, layouts, apps and other parts of the themes.

Hope you enjoy it!


Features At a Glance

We tried to create an admin theme that we would like to use ourselves so we listed our priorities. We would like to have a theme that is not over complicated to use, does the job well, contains must have components and looks really nice.

Pleasant Design

As a web developer we enjoy to work on something looks nice. It is not an absolute necessity but it really motivates us that final product will look good for user point of view.

So we put a lot of work into colors, icons, composition and design harmony. Themed components and layouts with same design language.

We kept user experience principles always at the heart of the design process.


Layouts for the Job

Layouts are the real thing, they need to be accurate and right for the job. They should be functional for both user and developer.

We created lots of different layouts for different jobs.

Listing pages with view mode changing capabilities, shift select and select all functionality, application layouts with an additional menu, authentication and error layouts which has a different design than the other pages were our main focus. We also created details page with tabs that can hold many components.

Superfine Charts

Using charts is a good way to visualize data but they often look ugly and break the rhythm of design.

We concentrated on a single chart library and tried to create charts that look good with color, opacity, border and shadow.

Used certain plugins and created some to make charts even more useful and beautiful.


Structures & Layouts

We did our best to create layouts for various needs that developers might have and best experience for users.
They are clean and slick. They function well and look good at the same time.

Menu Default

Menu Subhidden

Menu Hidden

Image List

Thumb List

Data List



Search Results

Single Page Application

Data List App Menu Hidden



We used most popular and well managed open source components with bootstrap components. Combined them into even more useful ones. Themed them with same design principles and created a design harmony between components and layouts.

From carousels to charts, switches to list we tried to provide components that we like to use on our development processes.


With the help of components and layouts, we created four different applications. They are a good way to get you started if you want to build something similar.


We carefully choosed colors and created 5 different themes with dark and light versions. You may also create your own themes easily since all the theme related styling is managed by Sass variables.






Enjoying so Far?

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